Monday, 19 December 2016

University of Kent - too many addresses or not enough?

I recently requested online for the University of Kent at Canterbury to send me a prospectus. As part of my request I had to select my country of residence from a drop-down menu upon which I could not find, 'United Kingdom', 'Great Britain' or 'England' so I had to claim residence in Afghanistan.

When it came for me to enter my personal details, 
I had a choice of twenty nine forms of address.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Astonishing power of Harrogate Water

On a recent trip to Scotland we stayed at our favourite staging post, The Golden Fleece Hotel in Thirsk. Now, Thirsk is in Yorkshire and Yorkshire people are not backward in coming forward. 

In our hotel room we were supplied with a complimentary Yorkshire refreshment in the form of Harrogate Spring Water.

I was astonished at the capabilities of this water as declared on the label by the bottler. Was it really capable of enriching the rock with minerals as they so proudly claimed?
Or is this just Yorkshire people bragging again?