Friday, 25 November 2016

Seeing more with the lights off

A pair of street lights were switched off at the bottom of my road last night and as I stumbled along the pavement, the headlights of the oncoming cars showed me why I was having such difficulty in keeping a straight line.

 Look at the unevenness of the paving. Such ankle breaking terrain is far less obvious under vertical light.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

What a difference a day makes.


A tree in Broome Park yesterday which was loaded with golden leaves.

We had some wind overnight.

The same tree today.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Filming at the Hilton

Can't get to the hotel entrance? Wait until the film comes out.
What were they filming at the Hotel Hilton in Watford on Friday? Whatever it was it caused a nuisance. First of all nearly half the car park was coned off for their use. This included the approach and entrance so taxis and others had to unload in the car park somewhere and point their customers in the right direction.

All the luvvies in their woollen hats getting in the way.
Then when we came to check out in the morning we were held back from the front desk so that various film extras could be filmed wandering across the car park and into the hotel.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

A direct hit from HMS Belfast?

As we fiddled our way through the northern suburbs of London on the A1, or the Great North Road as it used to be called, we stopped at a green space which declared itself to be Scratchwood. Now, I had only ever heard of Scratchwood in the context of the M1 motorway services but Scratchwood was part of the great Middlesex forest dating from the last ice age. 

Scratchwood Open Space
It has been variously managed since that time for rearing game, raising timber oak, supplying coppiced hornbeam and even as hay meadows to provide the fodder for the horse population of London.

To the south of this wood is the motorway service station which is now called London Gateway and if you have ever visited it you might wonder why the access road is so convoluted. The reason is that it was designed as the roundabout for Junction 3 which was intended to link the M1 with the A1 but was never built.  So the M1 motorway has no Junction 3; the numbering jumps from 2 to 4.

And another interesting fact about Scratchwood Services is that the Royal Navy's heavy cruiser HMS Belfast  which has been moored in the Thames near Tower Bridge as a floating museum since 1971 has its forward 6" guns targeted on... Scratchwood Services.

Which made me wonder if this unfortunate car had suffered a direct hit?