Sunday, 9 August 2015

You Hyeon in Blean Woods.

On our return from a ride to Faversham, cycling off-road near Canterbury, Peter and I came across this gentleman in the middle of Blean Woods. He was sitting, Buddha-like, before his upturned bicycle. I never pass a stationary cyclist without asking if they need anything. My enquiry in this case elicited the response that Mr.You Hyeon, from South Korea, needed a bicycle pump. So we stopped.

Mr You Hyeon from South Korea in Blean Woods.
Now, Blean Woods is not thronging with population. I asked You Hyeon if he was just sitting there waiting for somebody with a pump to come past and he said that he was. What a wondrous faith he must have in destiny. In fact, he needed more than a pump. We mended a puncture for him and replaced the inner tube.

You Hyeon and Peter refitting the tyre.

What was he doing in the middle of Blean Woods? He showed me his mobile phone upon which he had installed a map of England. He was cycling to London. And this was the route he had chosen. We did suggest that his style of bicycle would be more suited to tarmac roads and we directed him towards the road to London.

Ah the wonders of modern technology!

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