Sunday, 9 August 2015

Fun in Faversham Creek.

I cycled to Faversham with my friend Peter.
Faversham is a town on the north Kent coast. It was historically known for its gunpowder mills. Our cycle route alongside the creek ran past the remains of a former explosives store. The dispersed storage huts had been served by a network of narrow gauge railway lines but they have now been pulled up, leaving the huts behind.

Former explosives storage site, Faversham.

Alongside the creek, which is the tidal River Swale in Faversham, are situated numerous marine enterprises; boatyards and the like.

This is the Thames Sailing Barge Norma being fitted with a spar or sprit or whatever they call those bits of beam that attach to the mast.

This vessel could do with a lick of paint.

And this one has an unusual contemporary figurehead.

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