Saturday, 1 October 2016

The hotel's bath plug.

I last mentioned the bathing arrangements at the Hotel Puente Colgante here. Since then the hotel has changed hands and in my experience, that sometimes has deleterious effects for the guests. The new owners are usually unwilling to accept the hotel as it is; they must make changes.

In this case it seems that the new owners have decided to economise on bath plugs – neither washbasin nor bath was equipped with the necessary obstruction to retain the water for a useful period of time.

I went to the reception desk and explained in my fluid rather than fluent Spanish that it was muy difficilo to bathe if the agua kept salida-ing down the plughole and was presented with the hotel bath plug.

Rather selfishly I kept it for two days and then ceremoniously handed it over upon departure much to the consternation of the guests who were waiting to check in.

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