Friday, 7 October 2016

Bank and Beakers in Bungay

On my previous visit to Bungay in Suffolk, when driving around the town I encountered with astonishment the chicken roundabout. If you have never heard of it, click here. The hens have now all been moved on which is a shame for the town but no doubt a relief to the motorists who had to face a daily slalom around poultry.

But Bungay is not just chickens. 

You can buy beakers.

And see a former branch of the London and Provincial Bank.

Be informed about Bungay's Great Fire

And see a fire hydrant sign which was painted on the wall in the Second World War so that it could be found in the blackout.

But for me, an author and publisher, I will always know Bungay as the home of the Chaucer Press and the book printers, Richard Clay.

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