Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Mackeson – looks good, tastes good and by golly it makes triangles into squares.

For those of my readers who live outside the UK or are too young to remember, the catch phrase used to advertise Mackeson's Milk Stout on television was, 'it looks good, tastes good and by golly it does you good'.

The beer was brewed in Hythe in Kent, which I visited today. The local council are improving a plot at the end of the High Street and converting it into an ornamental garden, which, being close to the site of the original brewery, they are calling Mackeson Square. But if you look at the plan you can plainly see that the blue outlined area of the proposed garden is not a square. If anything, it is a triangle.

Where I parked my car was the site of the brewery itself, as indicated by the sign on the electricity substation and the cobbles of the original brewery yard which are showing through the tarmac of the car park.

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