Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Art Deco, Smoking and Health.

Kent & Canterbury Hospital Main Entrance.
I popped into the Kent & Canterbury Hospital this morning for an MRI scan, like you do.

The Art Deco design of the buildings is most amusing, I find it a very playful architectural style.  What a pity that the physical realisation of the designs never seems to do them justice. 

The cement rendering which is often a major component of the construction just does not weather well.  Perhaps it is supposed to be maintained more regularly.

But the main entrance of the hospital is bright and clean at the moment.

I was pleased to find this notice on the approach road, explaining clearly the hospital management's attitude to smoking.

Indeed, they repeated it a little further on where there was evidently not only a risk to the public health from the fumes but also a safety risk.

The little flecks of white that you can see on the ground are cigarette ends.

There are over 500 of them.

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