Sunday, 24 January 2016

Only six more days to Christmas

After the conventional human celebration of Christmas comes the birds' celebration.  You perhaps are unaware of this phenomenon. 

Although I spurn the human festivities, partly for the commercialism of it all and partly the rank hypocrisy, I embrace totally and without restraint the festival as enjoyed by our feathered friends.

A sparrow tucking into his Christmas mince pie.

Consider these mince pies for example. On sale at six for one pound in Morrison's before Christmas, they remain unsold, possibly because they are unsuitable for refined palates. Or humans. But after Christmas, they are reduced to 25p a box and I go and buy a stack of them.

The birds love them and the sugar, pastry and fruit helps tide the little fellows over until the weather improves.

I have just started the last box birds, so there's only six more days left to Christmas.

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