Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Will Canterbury let me vote?

It's that silly time when we have to pretend that democracy rules by putting a cross on a slip of paper so that politicians can continue to claim that they are running the country.

We all know that the country runs itself despite the politicians. It is a good job that we have a big building in London that we put all the MPs in otherwise they would cause havoc if allowed to roam the streets.

The City of Canterbury has introduced an interesting refinement to the electoral process in my ward, as mentioned on my poll card – the concept of the non-accessible polling station. I suppose it has its merits. It would be cheap to administer since there would be no voting slips to count and no staff needed but one could go further and enquire why one would bother to hire some premises for the day just to make them inaccessible.
Why would you have an inaccessible polling station?

I suppose I shall find out tomorrow.

If they let me in.

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