Friday, 29 May 2015

Silent Pool not so silent.

We stopped in a car park at the side of the A25 in Surrey in order to eat a sandwich and took the opportunity to visit the nearby 'Silent Pool'. This is an ancient pool which, many centuries ago, was dug out on the site of a spring to make a reservoir. The store of water was then used for several purposes such as  servicing fish ponds and watercress beds.

Silent Pool near Guildford, Surrey.

The spring water comes out at about 10 degrees C all the year round which means, of course, that the pond does not freeze. 

The site is wooded and very pretty. This tree looks like something out of one of the Harry Potter films.

But the assertion that it is the eery stillness of the locality which gives it its name is somewhat challenged by the rumble of traffic passing on the A25, two hundred yards away.

Perhaps it was silent three hundred years ago. 

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