Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Park & Ride but don't walk.

I found myself in the Sturry Road today, wishing to return to the centre of Canterbury. 'I'll take the Park & Ride bus,' thought I, since I can use my bus pass and they run every seven minutes. All I have to do is to walk to the park.

Easier said than done. The pavement that I was following just ran into the road. I could cross the road if I wished, but I did not wish, because the Park & Ride is on this side of the road.

Do they really expect me to believe that there is not sufficient room to run a pavement between the road, indicated by the black arrow, and the shops? Just look at the acres of decorative scrub, which, by the way, is a haven for rats.

I realised that I needed to be on the pavement by the shops, but how was I to get there?

I eschewed the soggy track which many similarly frustrated pedestrians had already carved through Ratland and I retraced my steps to the Park & Ride car access road (forbidden for pedestrians). I then walked through the commercial centre on a lovely pavement which led me straight into the Drive-Through Macdonald's where I was presented with a brick wall and a ten foot drop onto the road. Still no pavement.

Ten minutes later I was back at my starting point waiting for a town bus. Three Park & Ride buses went past during my wait. 

You can drive to the Park & Ride; you can take the bus to the Park & Ride. But you can't walk to it. That's not exactly promoting healthy living is it?

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