Wednesday, 11 February 2015

BBC Radio Kent misses a trick.

I contributed a great deal of text and illustrations to a recent article on the BBC Magazine website (click on the How have passport photos changed in 100 years? in the right column) and as a result I was contacted by The Sunday Post in Scotland and by Newstalk Radio in Dublin. For the latter I arranged to attend the remote studio at BBC Radio Kent in Tunbridge Wells, from which I would do a live broadcast to Dublin. 

 Not wishing to miss an opportunity, I e-mailed Radio Kent and pointed out that I would be in their studio, did they also want an interview? 
I received no reply.

Dominic King, BBC Radio Kent presenter,
 failing to interview Martin Lloyd
on Tuesday afternoon.

Do you not think it ironic that the national BBC, a Scottish Sunday newspaper and an Irish radio station can all see the relevance and interest in the works of an author living in Kent but the local radio station, BBC Radio Kent, based in the county in which he lives, is unable to?

BBC Radio Kent?

More like BBC Radio Can't.

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