Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Rude People of Canterbury

As I wandered down Palace Street in Canterbury with my camera hanging around my neck a kindly local resident mistook me for one of the thousands of tourists who daily throng the city and so offered to show me a good vantage point from which to photograph the cathedral. I was a little bemused by her proposal, considering that I was patently standing with my back to the cathedral and taking a photograph of something else. 

I demurred politely, saying, 'Thank you very much but I am more interested in those two rude ladies showing their breasts.' 

Her eyes followed my glance. 
'Good Heavens,' she gasped, 'I've never noticed those before.'
And she tottered off to get herself a stiff drink.

I continued around to the Christchurch Gate of the cathedral and studied its decorated stone archway.

Through the centuries hundreds of thousands of people must have passed under this arch, no doubt with their heads bowed in reflection or prayer. How many of them, I wonder, ever raised their eyes?

Had they done so at the propitious moment then they would have seen an equally rude man flaunting his genitalia.

Whatever next?

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