Friday, 19 December 2014

Cycle lanes are for lorries.

In my latest book, Neither Civil nor Servant, I make a passing observation that East Kent has become one big lorry park. The port of Dover and the Channel Tunnel act as a funnel for all the TIR lorries of Europe and they have little regard for this green and pleasant land.

Park your truck here -- it's only
a cycle lane and footpath.
As a cyclist I am doubly dealt by lorry drivers. When they are not trying to kill me they park on my cycle lanes. These cycle lanes are installed so that cyclists have less chance of being run over by lorries.

The road is not mine and it is not theirs. It is ours. If you park in 'my' cycle lane you must expect me to be in the carriageway which you consider to be 'yours'.

And if the grass verge or even road signs get in your way, just drive over them, they won't hurt your lorry. 

Rather like cyclists.

In case you were wondering that the purpose of the road sign was, it was telling you that this is a cycle lane, sorry, lorry park.

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