Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Hilton Puckrup Hall -- could do better.

I recently stayed at the Hilton Puckrup Hall hotel. It is an impressive old country house set in extensive grounds a few miles north of Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire. The staff were pleasant and helpful but I feel were let down by the infrastructure.

First of all, the room we were given was throbbing. I could not locate the source of the noise and neither could the receptionist but he agreed that it made the room uninhabitable and moved us to a quiet room. Full marks for the staff, zero for the building.

Secondly, a coach party were eating dinner in the dining room so we were served dinner in the ante-room.  THE ROOM WAS FREEZING. The staff tried to turn off the air conditioning but nothing happened. I was sitting in a blast of cold air. Why do we need air conditioning on in October? I was so uncomfortable that I had to go to my room and collect my overcoat. The guest on the table next to me immediately got up and returned wearing his coat.

Thirdly, when I arose in time to enjoy a swim before breakfast I was told that the pool was unavailable because of a technical problem which had occurred overnight. This was a pity because I really did need a swim that morning.

So, an uninhabitable bedroom, a freezing dining room and a non-functioning pool. I feel the Hilton Puckrup Hall hotel could do better.

And whatever happened to soap?

Pretentious or what?

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