Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Hanging Bridge and Sticking Up Stud

We are at the Hotel Puente Colgante in the Portugalete suburb of Bilbao. It is called the 'Hanging Bridge' because it is situated right next to the transporter bridge which crosses the River Nervion from Portugalete to Las Arenas.

The Puente Colgante at Portugalete. You can see
the pod crossing above the level of the river.

A transporter bridge is a pod which is suspended by wires from a truck which crosses the river on a very high level girder, the ends of which are supported on pylons erected on each bank. Vehicles and pedestrians are loaded onto the pod and they are carried across the river without touching the water.

The advantage of a transporter bridge is that it does not obstruct the maritime traffic. If a high-masted vessel wants to pass up the river the pod just waits until it has passed before moving across.

Our hotel is the pale yellow building situated next to the left pylon in the above photograph.

The photograph left is the view from our balcony upriver towards Bilbao.

And the photograph right is the front of our hotel and the transporter bridge.

You've seen the hanging bridge, now what about the sticking up stud?

Whoever designed the bathrooms in the Hotel Puente Colgante had a cruel sense of humour.

This is me, getting out of the bath.

And this is what I am about to put my bare foot on.

Don't laugh. It could be you next time.

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