Sunday, 14 September 2014

Packaging gone mad.

And whilst I am still in the hotel bathroom...

This is the latest hotel trend. Instead of providing a glass in your bathroom; a glass which they fear you might break (have you ever tried to smash an Arcopal glass?) hotels now provide a sanitised, vacuum sealed, disposable plastic mug. 

It is presented in a hygienic polythene envelope which is shrink-wrapped to the beaker. 

In order to obtain purchase on the wrapper you are obliged to pull the seal up from the inside of the mug. 

But it is vacuum packed, so as you do this, atmospheric pressure of 14lbs per sq. in. pushes inwards on the thin walls of the mug and voilà, a cracked and perfectly useless disposable mug which you can immediately dispose of.

Sent from a bathroom in Belfort.

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