Sunday, 2 March 2014

Passport Stolen in Auckland

(Publication of this post was delayed by technical problems in the Antipodes)
Larceny seems to be the fate of my popular titles. My book of erotic short stories, No Harm in Looking which was published under my pseudonym, 'K.T.Yalta' was purchased by Kent County Libraries and put on the shelf in Canterbury City Library from where, within a month, it had been borrowed twice and then stolen.

Whilst staying with my friends Brian and June in New Zealand I popped in to Auckland City Library because the head librarian there had voted The Passport book of the month soon after its first publication in May 2003.

Sam at Auckland City Library, New Zealand
accepting my donated copy of The Passport to replace their stolen copy.

 Sam at the library told me that they possessed two copies of the book, one had been stolen and the other, withdrawn for repair. Luckily I just happened to have with me a fresh copy of the latest edition, latest impression which I promptly donated to them.

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