Sunday, 2 March 2014

Art Deco in Napier

(Publication of this post was delayed by technical problems encountered in the Antipodes)
Here I am in Napier, a town on the east coast of New Zealand's North Island which is famous for having been totally destroyed by an earthquake in 1931. The result of this disaster was that the town was completely rebuilt in the modern architectural style of the day which happened to be Art Deco. Napier has probably the greatest concentration of Art Deco buildings of any town on the planet. 

The illuminated porch of the Masonic Hotel in Napier, New Zealand.
 They are everywhere and not only represented by municipal and commercial establishments but also in the simple bungalows built for the young couples of the town on the new land which had been thrown up and drained by the earthquake from a portion of the inner harbour. If you go to New Zealand, don't miss Napier.

Why do my books always make
people smile? The librarian at Napier
Library about to tuck into The Passport.

Napier pleased me greatly. Not only did it have Art Deco and sunshine but Napier Library also had a copy of The Passport on their shelves. Once I had brought this to the attention of the smiling librarian she declared that she intended to read it herself because it 'looked like an interesting book'.

And so it is.

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