Sunday, 22 May 2016

Hurstpierpoint for lunch

Hurstpierpoint – a proper bus shelter and a proper direction post.
On our way to Hassocks we stopped for a sandwich at Hurstpierpoint. Is it a village? Is it a town? Difficult to say. The main street is frozen in peristalsis with wide portions and narrow portions restricting and advancing the flow of cars, buses, delivery vans and pedestrians. And, of course, cyclists on their way to tackle Ditchling Beacon just along the ridge.
Players Theatre and cinema, Hurstpierpoint.

At the eastern end of the street is to be found the Players Theatre and the cinema.

On a small green stands this sculpture. It represents children over seven centuries and commemorates the St. Lawrence Fair which was personally authorised by King Edward II in the 14th. century, to be held for one day each year, and has maintained that presence ever since.

And on the public notice board was an announcement of a more ephemeral happening.

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