Thursday, 5 November 2015

Does the Queen ride the Tube?

I went up to London yesterday to 'take part' in a live television programme on BBC 2 called,  Daily Politics. The taking part consisted of me being wheeled on at the end of the programme to be asked stupid questions which they had told me they would not ask on a subject of which fell outside my sphere of expertise. But who cares? Nobody watches the programme. Even the floor manager, viewing the monitor with me before I went on was muttering, 'boring, boring, stop talking, shut them up'. I am so glad I do not own a television.

However, that apart, my day in London meant that I came into contact with the rapid transit system of the city. The first incident which amused me was that the computer controlled driverless train system, known as the Docklands Light Railway, was not operating because of 'industrial action'. Has the right to strike been written into the computers' software?

And the other was the recorded announcements in the tube trains which helpfully announce where to alight, such as, 'alight here for the British Museum'. When we arrived at Green Park, the recorded voice said, 'alight here for Buckingham Palace'. I had visions of Her Majesty nudging Prince Philip in the ribs and saying, 'Come on Phil, this is our stop.'

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