Monday, 27 July 2015

Volkswagen T4 Transporter & Caravelle pedal box.

I apologise immediately to my regular readers for using such a technical title to my post but it is necessary. I want to reach the owners and drivers of this particular make and model of vehicle. When I am not flitting about on my bicycle I use my Volkswagen Caravelle, which is an 8-seater car into which I can load all that I require for the lecture trips that I undertake up and down the country. The car is very reliable and has just completed 200,000 miles.

My car has just completed 200,000 miles.

It celebrated this achievement by breaking its pedal box at the clutch pivot. I knew immediately because the pedal went to the floor with a thud and  I could not declutch.

I also knew because this was the third time it had happened to me on this vehicle.

The pedal box of my VW T4.
The pedal box is a complicated steel structure which is bolted to the floor so that the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals can move up and down as required.

It always breaks at the same point yet VW claim that this is not a design fault. My readers in America and other countries where they drive on the wrong side of the road (on the right) will wonder what I am talking about because this problem apparently only affects cars intended to be driven properly i.e.: on the left side of the road, and thus provided with the steering wheel and pedals on the right side of the car.

The bracket that you need. Fit it now!
Despite VW denying that a problem exists, there are at least two enterprises which make a living from fabricating a modification to the pedal box which expressly cures this 'non-existent' problem.

It is a very simple reinforcing bracket which your garage will fit for you. Mine cost me about £14 which is a darn sight cheaper than a new pedal box every 60,000 miles.

If you drive a VW Transporter or Caravelle, Type 4, and you do not have a bracket fitted to your pedal box, do it now. It will save you money and time.
Have a look at the bracket.

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