Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hunting the fox in Tenterden

Boxing Day in Tenterden High Street and the Ashford Valley Hunt has assembled ready to depart. The horses are groomed, the hounds are eager and the photographers in the crowd are trying to decide by which route out of the town the hunt will leave so that they can secure themselves a good vantage point.

Ashford Valley Hunt in Tenterden High
 Street on Boxing Day 2014.

Hunting foxes with dogs has been illegal in England for about the last ten years so these huntsmen and women will be probably chasing a 'drag' where the scent was laid on a pre-arranged route some time earlier in the morning.

Had they wanted a real fox they need only have looked onto the roof of the garden shed of Margaret's neighbour. 

Mr Reynard obviously knew all about the ban on hunting him.

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