Thursday, 13 November 2014

Holiday Inn Aylesbury -- could do better

Arriving at the Holiday Inn Aylesbury at midnight on Monday after a two and a half hour drive we were looking forward to a quick shower and a good night's rest.  The lad at the front desk had our check-in details ready and all looked good. When we got to the room, things started to go wrong. We had no towels. 

It's pretty obvious that there are
not towels on this rail
 I telephoned the front desk and he assured me that he would send up some towels. At half past midnight we were still towel-less so I picked up the phone to call front desk and discovered that we were also now telephone-less. It was as dead as a dodo. So I had to get dressed and present myself at the front desk in person. 

I was the only person there. The Holiday Inn, Aylesbury, was the Marie Celeste. The lights were on, nobody at home. After a few fruitless minutes I went off to explore and down a corridor, through three doorways, in a back room I found a human being. He very kindly offered to deliver the towels to our room in person, a feat which he achieved at 00.41 hours.

Holiday Inn!  You knew we were coming. We had booked and paid for our room in advance. You had had all day to get it ready.

What were you doing with your time?

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