Wednesday, 25 June 2014

But is it Art?

As I returned the half-eaten slice of bread and butter to my breakfast plate I was struck by the portrait that I had unwittingly created. Do you know this man?

Bread by Waitrose.
Butter by Anchor.
Glass plate by Arcopal, France.
Table by Formica.

Sculpture by Martin.

The above gallery notes are not really up to the standard of those I copied down when visiting a gallery in New Zealand:

"...When at first glance his work appears heavily influenced by the documentary in its seemingly neutral composition, he uses performance and narrative to open up associative layers to place and context. ... The location forms the base for a performative response which draws on the historic and cultural connotations of the site. While this work documents the performance in situ, it also cuts away to details and forms in the area, layering them with the performance and narrative address. Together, the scenes are highly discursive and constitute a hybrid genre that at once documents, narrates, performs and liberates from the site of any final interpretation."

The 'performance' was a video film of a man drinking from a bottle of water and then spitting it out.

And that WAS art.

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