Monday, 19 May 2014

Loch Ness Monster seen in New Forest

Loch Ness Monster in the New Forest
 I gave a talk recently in Dorset and so spent an extra day cycling around in the New Forest. I knew about the wild ponies and was not discountenanced to stumble across the odd wild donkey or two. What I was not prepared to meet were the monsters. 

I gave this one a wide berth. I was not deceived by its pretence of grazing on bluebells. I could see that it was a vicious carnivore.

Having crossed one dry ford I could not understand how the downstream ford could be so deep. Where was the water coming from? I took off my shoes and socks to cycle through. 

This runner decided to try to jump it. This was his second hop. His first landed in the deepest stretch of water.

But in some places the water was just too pretty to be believed.

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