Saturday, 12 April 2014

Alison in the Rue Amelie

This street in the seventh arrondissement of Paris is attracting visitors on a literary quest. They have read my thriller, Rue Amelie and they want to see for themselves where the hero, Joel LeBatard, lived. Is that the launderette whose proprietor gave him credit when he was down on his luck? (Yes it is.) That policeman standing on the step of the police station, is he the one with whom LeBatard regularly traded insults? (Probably not.) Does Joanne still run the Cafe Clerc? (No, the cafe is now a dress shop.)
Alison, a happy reader, in the rue Amelie
displaying her copy of Rue Amelie.

And just to prove they have been there, they send me a photograph. So next time you go to Paris, take your copy of Rue Amelie with you. Follow the action and find the locations as you sightsee. And send me a photograph to put on my blog. Please.
Thank you Alison.

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