Thursday, 26 September 2013

How to Save Electricity and Spare the Planet.

Save the planet.
Disconnect your Ecometer.

For the last twelve years my electricity supplier has tried to persuade me that  'for customer convenience' I should read their electricity meter and send the results to them by phone and I have, with unfailing courtesy, consistently pointed out that 'for the electricity supplier's convenience' they installed my meter on the outside wall of my house in a locked box to which only they have a key.
     All that changed recently when a charming man came along and installed an electricity Smart Meter and took away their, presumably, Stupid Meter. This new intelligent counter will tell its employer exactly what electricity I am using without any intervention by me and without their having to open the box. The man also gave me the gizmo pictured aside to help me save electricity. This is plugged into the mains so that its digital readout can tell me my current current consumption in Kwh and with three very pretty lights in red, orange and green will inform me of my level of power use. It can also calculate my carbon footprint and has a facility whereby they can send me text messages.
     As part of their responsible attitude to power use economy the man was also obliged to deliver me a little lecture of useful tips such as using the washing machine for small loads rather than large loads, switching off lights in unoccupied rooms and not leaving appliances in 'stand by' mode.
     "That is splendid advice," said I as I unplugged the gizmo, put it back in its box and shoved it in the cupboard. 
     "Why have you done that?" he said. 
     "Because," I explained, "it is the only appliance in my house which will run continuously for twenty four hours and do nothing. It is actually using electricity that I have to pay for to tell me that I am using electricity."
     He was looking very pensive when he left.


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